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We partnered with Parkside to develop their audio profile

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Parkside is a modern housing and coworking project in Brazil. They develop modern villas that are furnished, offer flexible contracts, and create creative communities for people who are trying to change the world!

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Through detailed conversations and extensive research on how Parkside properties fit in the local and creative communities of Brazil, X Songs helped Parkside develop its sonic identity

Our ongoing collaboration develops custom monthly and seasonal playlists, designed by international tastemakers and curation experts to resonate with the brand's sonic DNA. These are played in Parkside properties' public spaces, as well as shared in their monthly newsletter.

Each playlist is entirely unique to Parkside, acting as a custom-tailored soundtrack to the residents’ experience at their properties.

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X Songs helped us identify our unique sonic brand. This has allowed us to connect with our residents on a much deeper level and create environments conducive to what our properties are all about: creative community living!" 

- Felipe da Paz, Parkside co-Founder


Check out Parkside Properties, follow them on Spotify, and check out their Instagram here: 

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